Five reasons to holiday (responsibly) in the UK

The current Coronavirus pandemic has caused many people to rethink their 2020/2021 holiday plans, and overseas travel will not seem as appealing to many holidaymakers. Now’s the time to consider holidaying in the British Isles. You may be unsure of the benefits of a holiday in the UK, so the Natural Britain team have pulled together five persuasive points.

Discover the great outdoors

The British Isles are home to a diverse landscape: from beautiful beaches and craggy coastline to vast, pristine lakes and meandering rivers; from rolling green hills and ancient woodlands, to mountainous peaks. And there are endless active ways of exploring this scenery, be it a leisurely stroll, a heart-pumping mountain bike ride, a peaceful kayak paddle or a refreshing, wild swim. It may sound cliched, but throughout the UK, there is an activity and a destination to suit everyone.

Ease of travel

Holidaying in the UK is hassle free compared to overseas travel. There’s no need to waste valuable holiday time hanging around at the airport. Just think of where you can get to in three hours from your home! If you’re travelling by car you have the freedom of departing whenever you choose and journeying at your own pace. There’s also no need to sort out foreign currency, to renew your passport (which is costly these days) or worry about luggage allowance restrictions.

Helping the local economy

By holidaying in the UK you’re contributing to the economy and supporting tourism in this country. All the suppliers featured in the Natural Britain portfolio are individually owned ventures. By staying in their accommodation or taking part in their activity you’re directly funding these small operators. You’re also bringing money into the community as in most instances they employ local staff and source food and supplies from local producers.

History and culture

The UK is bursting with historical landmarks and sites of cultural interest to explore. From imposing castles and majestic cathedrals to medieval towns, battlefields, and burial mounds Not to mention a prehistoric stone circle and an immense wall that stretches from the east coast of Britain to the west.

Delicious food and drink

This may not be an obvious point of persuasion, but the UK is a foodie heaven with offerings that range from fish and chips on the beach and home-cooked pub grub to fine dining created by award winning British chefs. Each area of the British Isles boasts its own regional speciality. Besides the more well-known Devon Cream Tea, Stilton Cheese and Whitstable Oysters, did you know Wales’ Gower Peninsula produces mouth-watering Salt Marsh Lamb, and Sussex sparkling wines rival those produced in the Champagne region of France?

And you can take your dog!

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